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Financial Services

Why use a Financial Adviser?

Dealing with financial services can often be a complex and stressful task. By using a registered Financial Adviser, you’re not only getting access to unbiased advice but also a specialist in their chosen field, safeguarding your decision.

When it comes to big decisions in life, the key to making the right one, is getting comprehensive and impartial advice from a professional.

The question we put to our clients is – “Would you go to a motorbike dealer and expect them to recommend a car because it better suits your needs?”

Answer – “No, they’ll recommend a motorbike because that’s what they sell.”

The same logic applies with financial advice – You can’t expect impartial advice when dealing directly with an insurance company or a bank because all they can sell is their own products.

The key difference with Haven is that we have access to all the major providers in the market ensuring you get the product that best suits your needs.

Haven Financial Services

Haven Accountants and Financial Advisers offers a wide range of financial services for both commercial and personal clients throughout New Zealand. These services include a selection of insurance products, mortgage assistance and business lending.

The key difference?

Haven Advisers work for you, not the financial provider. With our extensive knowledge of New Zealand’s financial services industry, we find the best solution for you, your business and your family.