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Insuring your Assets

Personal Fire & General

Insuring your personal assets protects your and your family’s wellbeing. Assets such as your home or car need protection from fire, flood, earthquake, burglary and other accidents that can result in damage.

Did you know? One of your most important assets, your home, is now based on the total replacement value (the sum insured) and it’s now your responsibility to ensure this amount is adequate. Contact us for Haven to assist you in calculating a rebuild value.

We offer the following insurance products for your personal assets:

  • Home and Contents
  • Car
  • Travel
  • Pet

Business Fire and General

Just as you would you insure your personal assets, the assets of your business are a crucial part in protecting your livelihood.

We offer a range of business protection options that insure commercial assets such as buildings and plant equipment, or third party property damage, in the course of running your business.

Contact us for a Haven Adviser to complete a no obligation insurance assessment for your business.

Material Damage Insurance (Business Assets)

Protects your property, plant, stock and contents in the event of a physical loss or damage due to a fire, flood, natural disaster, burglary or accidents.

Business Interruption

Covers loss of income following a property loss or a Material Damage claim.

Machinery Breakdown and Machinery Breakdown Loss of Profits

Covers sudden and accidental damage to machinery and loss of profits due to the machinery breakdown.


General Liability/Public Liability
Covers third party property damage or personal injury in the course of your business.

Statutory Liability
Covers unintentional breaches of certain Acts of Parliament, for example Health & Safety Act.

Employers Liability
Covers your business against compensation claims from employees alleging workplace illness or injuries not covered by ACC.

Employment Practices Liability/ Employment Disputes Liability
Covers defence costs and awards made against you when former, current or prospective employees make personal grievance claims. Claims can include: unjustified dismissal, breach of contract and workplace harassment.

Professional Indemnity
Covers you for negligence, errors or omissions while providing advice, design and/or service while in business.

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance
Covers Directors and Officers/Management in their personal capacity while performing duties of the company.

Trustees Liability
Provides protection against claims for actual or alleged breach of trust, breach of duty, negligent acts, errors or omissions whilst undertaking duties for a trust.

Associations Liability
Provides protection to community or industry associations who might be held personally liable for mistakes, errors or omissions (wrongful acts) whilst undertaking duties for the association.

Cyber Risk
Protects you against liabilities arising from data protection laws, management of personal data and the consequences of losing information.

For individuals, this includes credit card numbers, medical records, birth dates, passport numbers and other private personal information, which can be stolen and used without consent.

For companies, this includes the loss of corporate information such as intellectual property, and proprietary information, which could severely disadvantage a business.

Provides protection from loss of money, securities or inventory resulting from crime such as employee dishonesty, fraud and other criminal acts.

Motor Vehicle Insurance

Cover for damage to your own vehicle, including theft, fire and third party property damage.

  • Fleet
  • Owner Drivers
  • Commercial Vehicles

Corporate Travel Insurance

Provides cover for you and your employees, as well as travelling companions, for both business and leisure travel.

Contract Works Insurance (Construction)

Covers the property and contractor for work while completing an alteration, renovation, extension, or a new build. It also provides cover for sudden and accidental loss or damage to the works.

Marine Insurance

Commercial Hull
Covers loss or damage to the hull, machinery and equipment whilst afloat.

Marine Cargo (Imports, Exports and Internal Sendings)
Cover for household goods and personal effects being shipped around New Zealand and overseas.

Carriers Liability
Liability protection for actual and contractual carriers for liabilities imposed by the Carriage of Goods Act 1979.

Ship Repairers Liability
Covers damage to a vessel while in your care, custody and control, including painting, electrical work and fit-outs.

Boat Builders (Vessel Construction)
Covers loss or damage to the vessel, hull, machinery, fittings or equipment while in transit, loss or damage whilst at sea.


Covers loss or damage to farm assets including plants, buildings, vehicles and livestock.