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Insuring People

Personal Life, Risk & Medical

Life, Risk and Health insurance are perhaps the most important insurance protection available, with Health insurance being one of the most claimed insurance cover of all categories.

However it is also one of the most underinsured:- only 29% of New Zealander’s currently have health insurance.

Health insurance is important – uninsured people receive less timely care and can have worse outcomes. Life insurance ensures that your family is not put under financial burden in the wake of an untimely death. Talk to Haven today regarding your personal insurance cover.

Life Cover

Lump Sum Life Cover is perhaps your most important type of insurance cover. It ensures you take care of your immediate, medium and long-term financial commitments such as your mortgage, survivor’s income, education funding, retirement savings, and final expenses in the event of a terminal illness or untimely death.

Looking after those important to you in the event of your or your partner’s death provides them with financial stability. It’s a wise and practical choice that ensures the financial welfare of your loved ones will be secure.

Trauma Cover

Trauma Cover provides you with a one-off lump sum payment to reduce the strain – both financially and emotionally – of dealing with a serious illness or injury. This lump sum can then be used to cover medical treatment, rehabilitation expenses, transport costs or paying off the mortgage.

Facts about Serious Illness

The impact of a serious and sudden illness on you and your family is a traumatic event.

Statistics show that one in five men and one in seven women will suffer a critical illness between 30 – 65*, ensuring Trauma Cover is a critical element to your personal insurance cover.

* Gen Re Lifehealth “Australian Critical Illness Survey 2008”

Total & Permanent Disability

Total Disablement Cover pays a lump sum if you are totally or permanently disabled due to illness or accident. The sum can be used for any purpose, but it is particularly useful for eliminating or reducing debt, and replacing future income loss.

Income Protection

Your greatest financial asset is your ability to earn income. Income Protection insurance pays a percentage of your lost income to ensure that your family’s lifestyle is protected should you be unable to work due to illness or injury.

There are many different options when it comes to Income Protection. They cover between 55 – 75% of your income and have varying wait periods. There are also specific options for newly self employed and even part time workers.

Mortgage Protection

Mortgage cover will help you cover your monthly mortgage payments if your earning capacity is seriously affected by illness or injury. This ensures that your home stays in your and your family’s hands.

Do I need Mortgage Cover if I have Income Protection?

Mortgage Cover generally does not get offset by ACC. This means that if you’re receiving a benefit from ACC, you’ll also be entitled to the full Mortgage Protection. This is not the case with Income Protection cover.

Private Medical Protection

Private Medical ensures you have the ability to choose where and when you receive specialist medical treatment. This is all the more important when you consider that with limited public health resources, you face the risk of being placed on a long waiting list for assessment and treatment. This means that you may not have a choice of when and where you receive treatment, or whether you have access to the latest treatment and medicines at all.

Did you know;

  • 85% of approved medical drugs are not funded in the public system.
  • There are only three health insurers that cover all approved drugs in New Zealand.

Business Life & Risk

While it’s the norm to insure your business assets, such as plants and equipment, Commercial or Business insurance protects the most important asset for your business – your people.

A large proportion of self employed people pay the incorrect ACC levy. Correcting this payment is just one of the ways that Haven can assist in helping to protect your business. Contact us for Haven to create a protection plan for your business.

ACC Structuring

Ensuring you are on the correct ACC scheme and your business is paying the correct level of ACC.

Business Ownership Protection

How to structure your requirements for the purchase and sale of your business ownership stake (and other shareholders or business partners) in the case of a death or disablement.

Key Person Protection

Assesses how you manage the financial risk to the business from the loss of a key person.

Business Debt Protection

Protects your personal assets from the exposure they may have to business loans and liabilities in the case have provided a personal guarantee.

Owner’s Loss of Income

Protects your income if you are self employed and are unable to keep working in your business for any reason.

Succession Planning

Succession planning protects your business for your planned retirement, and also the potential of an unplanned exit due to premature death or serious disablement.